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MANTRA & SACred sound

The sacred vibration of the harmonium is a powerful way to add a dose of bhakti to your practice. Used as a bookend to asana and meditation, or on it's own, sound vibration of any kind (mantra, kirtan, chanting, listening) is a poweful tool to ground your energy.

Be The Beginner and dive on in! Jacq provides a playful, heartfelt, and humbling experience on the exploration of sound and vibration through this ancient instrument. In these sessions you will learn basic harmonium operations (how to treat the instrument with love!), a variety of powerful chants and invocations, and progress at your own pace. Drop a line today to learn more about customizing lessons to your needs, pricing,  and how to book your session. Hari Bol!


Consultation & support

Embark on radical healing. Ayurvedic Lifestyle studies with Jacq are for anyone looking to expand their intuitive horizons personally or professionally. Learn the core principles of Ayurveda, the science behind the roots and how to apply them in our fast moving world.

Private mentorship and small group study available. Contact Jacq for consultation and customization.


yoga, wellness or biz coaching

Comprehensive coaching for individuals who want to uplevel their personal practice, teachers pursuing yoga certification (can also incorporate Ayurveda training), and wellness entrepreneurs looking to build thriving businesses. Topics of study can include but aren’t limited to: yogic philosophy + asana, ayurveda, bhakti yoga, teaching yoga powerfully and authentically through thematics and sequencing, musicality and holding space, and the business of yoga (marketing, online engagement, time management, etc). This is space to dive deep into your topics of choice 1:1 with Jacq.


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